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The word 'Manava' literally means, 'a being with a mind' from the Sanskrit word 'Manas'. It refers to a 'thinking mind' capable of making it's own decisions. Education is nothing but the training, discipline and direction of this mind towards health, prosperity, growth and peace. A son of the soil of this land of Bharat would be Bharati. The Message of MANAVA BHARATI therefore, is to make every student a 'Bharatiya', a harbinger of happiness to humanity at large. Manav Bharati Heritage School (MBHS), Chand provides a co-educational, international, English language learning environment for students aged 4 -18. High academic standards, a diverse curriculum and a clear focus on the moral, intellectual, physical and emotional development of students are central to the MBHS Chand experience. The learning environment is modern, comfortable, suitably equipped, technologically and purposefully designed for specific learning needs. Facilities are continuously upgraded to keep pace with the demands of the educational and extra-curricular programme.




Computer Lab

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Biology Lab

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Chemistry Lab

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Upcoming Events
Republic Day Celebration ...
26 January 2022

Republic Day Celebration...SEE MORE

Founders Day Celebration ...
11 February 2022

We celebrat the foundation on the birday of our founder Dr. D.P. Pandey .....SEE MORE

Parents Teachers Meeting ...
31 March 2022

Parents Teacher Meeting ....SEE MORE