Secretary, Manava Bharati Institute of Child Education


Dear Parents,
Greetings and good wishes! We at Manava Bharati are dedicated to caring for and educating young minds towards a bright future as tomorrow's responsible adults. We strive to provide exceptional opportunities for development of the human mind and body, and through them the evolution of the spirit, thereby constructively channelizing the resources of young inquisitive minds. In order to realise this mission the school provides an environment in which each student can grasp the world's complexities while they develop skills, confidence and adaptability to take their place in society. A streamlined innovative school curriculum, optimum class size, close student-teacher relationships, experimental learning and an extensive extra-circular programme are key elements of Manava Bharati's philosophy. This balance of structure and flexibility allows students to define themselves and grow into sensitive thinking citizens of the world. We hope you will find useful information on this website and obtain a glimpse of life at Manava Bharati. We are proud of our achievements at Manava Bharati but we believe that our students will always be real legacy.